Patrick’s Short Guide to Portland

Here are a few of my favourite places to visit, eat, and drink in Portland. This isn’t meant to be a definitive list by any means – just my personal collection of spots I’ve grown to love near places I’ve lived and worked. This list is also available on Foursquare and in Japanese (日本語) — Enjoy!


Heart, specifically their Westside cafe, is my favorite and go-to coffee shop. Heart’s espresso and drip drinks are the best in town. They source and roast with the finest of care, the design of their locations is understated and impeccable, and their staff are warm and friendly. There are plenty of other great coffee roasters and shops in town – Never and Barista are good options that I’ve included as well – but in my mind, nothing beats Heart.


Portland’s food scene is vibrant and delightfully casual. There’s something from every style of cuisine, so I’ve tried to pick my top option from a variety of them so you can find something you enjoy, no matter what you’re feeling. (Note that price points will vary.)


Portland’s craft beer scene is well known, but I’m not personally much of a beer drinker. If you’re coming here for beer, you probably already know where you want to go. My small list of bars focus on great drinks, intimate spaces, or beautiful views. And Bar Bar, which isn't any of these things, but is included anyways.

Do and See

Other than tax-free shopping, there’s lots to see and do within the Portland city limits. The recently renovated and expanded Japanese Garden is maybe my favourite place in the city (Don’t miss getting tea at their new cafe!) and going for a short hike in Forest Park is always rejuvenating. You likely already know about Powell’s bookstore, but you might not know about all cool small shops along Mississippi Ave in North Portland, or the beautiful Cathedral Park in the far-out St. John’s neighborhood. (Nearby, Blue Moon Camera is a fantastic analog photography store, if you’re into that sort thing.)